Matt Fretwell

Innovator. Cultivator. Disciple-maker. Strategist. 


HOMETOWN: Richmond, Va.

Church Planting

The Numbers Don't Lie

With 80 to 85 percent of churches in America either plateauing or in decline, an urgent plea for discipleship, revitalization, and church planting exists.[1] To sustain the current pace of population growth, American churches would need to plant 2,900 new churches every year.[2] Only 12 percent of Americans attend church on any given Sunday with 20 percent of people leaving their church every year—this would require a visitor rate of at least 30 percent of the church's size just to grow.

Unfortunately, 7,000 churches close their doors every year, and only 4,000 open. It is approximated that 15,000 church plants are needed each year to keep up with the population growth.

Church planting exists as one of the most effective means of following the Great Commission in multiplicative disciple-making. However, it's not really church planting that should grab out concentration—we should be more focused on a threefold pronged approach of multiplicative disciple-making,  to revitalize, plant, and grow the church, healthily.

Through research and praxis, Dr. Fretwell has developed a reproducible disciple-making strategy into seven practicums. 

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